Youth Program

We are excited to add to our program the increasingly popular style of dance called Acrodance.  Please see below for a description of our class offerings, and feel free to contact the studio to discuss which classes would be best for your child.

Our youth program starts at age 5 and goes through advanced levels of dance.  Beginners of any age are welcome to  join us, as our skilled staff are dedicated to making the dreams of dance a reality for anyone wishing to participate.  All of our levels are accommodating to various age groups, and you will even see college students and adults taking make up classes alongside younger dancers.

Each level in our Youth Program gets their own color leotard and skirt, so don't buy anything until your dancer has been evaluated and placed into the best level for their age and ability!

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Beginning Ballet - ages 4-8

(Saturday 12:30-1:30)

The Beginning Ballet class is a Saturday class for children 4-8 years old.   It is a one hour class and teaches the basics of ballet in a more recreational environment than our graded levels.  Dancers in this class may opt to move into the graded levels at the beginning of each school year. 

Recital is not mandatory for dancers in this class.


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Graded Levels 1-5

The graded ballet levels begin at age 5 or 6, and dancers progress through the levels based on mastery of technique, work ethic, and attendance. All dancers in the graded levels have Jazz and Modern training to supplement their ballet. The classes are very structured, requiring adherence to dress code, attendance, and classroom etiquette. The classes become increasingly demanding as the levels get higher, producing dancers that are not only strong in ballet, but also strong in character and life skills.  Pointe work is added when dancers show the strength and technique to do it safely.

Recital is mandatory in the graded levels.

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Acro 1 (Wed 4:30-5:15)

Acro 2 (Mon 4:30-5:15)

Acrodance is a combination of acrobatics and choreography.  Students safely learn how to perform acrobatic movements within a dance routine.  No tumbling experience required.

Classes start at age 5, and can be taken with or without ballet classes.  

Recital is not mandatory for dancers in this class.


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