Welcome to the world of Narnia!

Last year our Director, Ms. Shelly, took a dream she had to create a ballet production from the Narnia stories and made it a reality.  With all original choreography and custom costumes, Ms. Shelly set out to tell the story of four children who entered the world of Narnia, with fauns, talking beavers, an evil witch, and, of course, a lion named Aslan.  This timeless story is so rich with bravery, betrayal, forgiveness, and love that we decided to keep it around as an annual production.  Each year we will add more characters, better costumes, and bigger and better props until this production is so full that dancers and spectators come from all over the region to take part in this story.  

Won't you join us?

Showtime- Saturday, March 30 4:30pm

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Youth dancers played the parts of the four children, as well as the beavers and the wolves.  Some of our youngest dancers danced as snowflakes in the opening scene as the children entered the snowy world of Narnia.

More advanced dancers took on the roles of the White Witch, Aslan, and Mr. Tumnus, while several adult dancers filled roles as train station passengers, frozen statues in the witch's castle, and warriors in Aslan's camp.